Jen Stayrook

What to do when you find uneaten chocolate

This morning I sat down at my desk to find the most GLORIOUS sight for anyone who works in a cubicle-type setting. (Other than a sign that says, “GO HOME! Take the day off!”)


And not just ANY chocolate, but fancy, delicious, caramel-filled chocolate.

This was my reaction:

By the time I made these gifs, I had eaten all of the chocolate, so if I look a little CRAZED, that’s why. Chocolate makes me make gifs. YOU’RE WELCOME, WORLD.

In reality, the¬†whole progression was a lot faster. Actually, if I’m being honest it was more of a “Shrug. OMNOMNOMNOMNOM.” But shrugging makes for a horrible gif.

To whomever left the chocolate on my desk: SCARFNOMOMGOODGRRYUMGULPNOM. (That’s chocolate for “Thank you.”)


Tell me about your favorite kind of candy. I like candy. I like when people talk about candy. Except when someone says they don’t eat candy. Then I want to punch them and throw away the piece of fruit they eat in place of candy because “it’s good sugar.” STOP JUDGING ME, FRUIT-EATER.


  1. Chocolate with NUTS. ‘Cause – well, you know. Also? You crack me up. (Nut punny!)
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    • I LOVE chocolate with nuts. I have almond Hershey Kisses at home. At least, I think I do. I may have sleep-eaten them again. >.>

  2. Dark chocolate. with raspberry. or caramel. or sea salt. or chocolate truffle. chocolate filled chocolate.

  3. I abhor fruity candy. Like, why do that to yourself? If I wanted a strawberry, I’d eat a strawberry not some weird hue of red wrapped in paper that never completely comes off so you’re stuck eating paper with your strawberry Starburst. And don’t even get me started with the candy version of watermelon. OMG.

    Hang on, what was I supposed to comment on? *scrolls* Ah. Sorry about that.

    I like my chocolate with nuts and more on the dark side than on the milk side. And stop calling that white crap chocolate. It isn’t chocolate. It’s a sugary by-product that leaves a weird film on the roof of your mouth!

    Crap. Did it again.

    I think I’d better go get some dark chocolate and the jar of peanut butter. It’s apparently going to be a long night.

    • FRUIT CANDY ISN’T CANDY. And dark chocolate with nuts > everything else. I whole-heartedly agree with everything you said. Except I kind of enjoy white chocolate. >.>

  4. I love chocolate! Especially dark chocolate. My current obession is Chocolove’s Almond & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bar. Junior Mints and Brach’s Maple Nut Goodies are also favorites.

    • Dark chocolate FTW. That seems to be the consensus today and I APPROVE. I’ve never heard of this “Chocolove.” I must try it.

  5. Oh, man, I LOVE Ghiradelli chocolate squares, caramel or otherwise. YUM!